XuP - Lift

XuP-Lift is dedicated to the transport of bins between storage spaces and/or between several production lines. The mobile robot fits perfectly into your industry 4.0, its flexibility allows it to carry out its missions in complete autonomy and to adapt to your existing infrastructure.



Applications XuP-Lift

In the factory of an automotive supplier, XuP-Lift transports bins between the various operator stations.

The preparer places the orders, places them in boxes stored on a gravity rack and chooses the delivery points. Informed of the mission to be carried out, XuP-Lift comes to load one or two boxes by adapting to the height of the gravity rack. XuP-Lift leaves to make its delivery in complete autonomy, signaling itself with its horn and its visual presence warning device.

Once at its delivery point, the Cobot Mobile unloads the crate(s) onto the dedicated storage space and sets off again on its mission.

Your benefits

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XuP-Lift adapts to your existing environment and hardware. Its box recenter, its bi-zone roller conveyor on rise and fall allow XuP-Lift to transport boxes of size less than or equal to 600×400 mm. All while docking independently at your existing transfer stations.

Conditions de travail

Improved working conditions

With XuP-Box, musculoskeletal disorders are significantly reduced. The Cobot Mobile relieves employees of the transport of loads and energy-intensive travel. They can then focus on tasks with high added value.

Amélioration productivité

Improved productivity

Clever, XuP-Lift practices opportunistic loading. It is able to operate 24/7 and thus optimizes your production (increase of OEE) and improves your competitiveness.



Designed according to a risk analysis carried out in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the ISO 3691-4 standard. XuP-lift moves safely in a complex industrial environment involving employees, workstations as well as forklifts, tow tractors, etc.


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Recentreur automatique de caisses

Automatic box recenter

Ouverture automatique des portes

Automatic door opening

Avertisseur visuel de présence

Visual presence indicator


Acuity: Dynamic Environment Localization

Lecteur RFID

RFID reader

Compatible Transfer Stations

icone transfert v3

Motorized conveyors

icone transfert v1

Gravity or motorized racks

icone transfert v2

Pick and drop stations

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Photo Xup-Lift galerie
Photo Xup-Lift galerie

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