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“It is when two forces are joined that their effectiveness is doubled. -Isaac Newton

It is in this spirit that we support you in the implementation of mobile robotic solutions. We guide you on the expression of your needs and we support you on the implementation of fully adapted personalized solutions. Once your need has been analyzed, we program, assemble, connect and install the solution on your site.



We analyze your needs

Our team is there to guide you on the expression of your needs in order to determine the most suitable solution and advise you on the various appropriate technical choices.


We install the solution on your site

Our team is responsible for deploying the solution on your site. We start the application on your site, we map the locations and schedule the missions.


We train your employees

Meanwhile offers to train your teams in the use of its mobile robotic solutions and is committed to maintaining the level of training of your teams. These training courses aim to make you gain autonomy, productivity and allow you to use our intelligent mobile robots in an optimal way.


We provide support and maintenance for your solutions

It is a customizable contract with an adjustable duration in order to guarantee the control of operating costs and the maintenance of the performance of the system put in place. Its subscription also allows you to benefit from on-site intervention responsiveness and preferential rates on corrective interventions and spare parts.

The maintenance contract includes:

• Hotline, office hours, within the limit of 50 hours/year, with remote management (if possible and necessary);

• A shared preventive visit per year, with replacement of wearing parts;

• A change of the battery of each robot, for any contract renewed for 5 years without interruption.

Rental of mobile robots for events

XuP - Host

You want to enhance your event with a “Wow” effect, which will transform your customer experience into a unique experience. This will be shared on social media.

XuP - Steri A

Do you want to deploy the XuP-Steri A mobile air disinfection robot throughout your event to take care of your visitors and employees?

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