XuP - Host

Autonomous, intelligent and modular, XuP-Host is a multi-purpose autonomous mobile robot. It allows on the one hand to assist the staff in their support activities (transport of luggage, transport of linen, transport of mail, assistance with surveillance) and on the other hand to improve the customer experience (service of small , room service, etc.).




During the day, XuP-Host sends documents through the various departments of the establishment. Equipped with numerous security sensors and a connection to the building, XuP-Host is able to move through the establishment in complete safety and autonomy. In particular thanks to the autonomous taking of elevators, the automatic opening of doors, signaling of presence, etc.

The mobile robot thus contributes to the reduction of energy-consuming travel for employees, who during this time can concentrate on their core business and thus limit interruptions in their activities.

During your events, XuP-Host turns into the perfect host to serve the petit fours.

Your benefits

Experience client

Customer experience optimization

Thanks to its user-friendly design and its ability to evolve fluidly in the presence of the public, XuP-Host gives the “wow” effect. Indeed, it will transform your customer experience into a unique experience. This will be shared on social media.

Conditions de travail

Improved working conditions

With XuP-Host, musculoskeletal disorders are greatly reduced. The mobile robot relieves employees of energy-intensive travel. They can then focus on tasks with higher added value.


Optimization of your flexibility and responsiveness

Intelligent, XuP-Host can operate 24/7 and ensure your deliveries on demand. The mobile robot is multi-purpose. He assists the staff in the delivery of mail, parcels and meal trays and becomes the perfect host for your events: petit four service, etc.

Logistique intelligente

Smart logistics

XuP-Host makes its deliveries safely and independently in a complex environment, open to the public (autonomous elevator pick-up, automatic door opening, presence signaling, etc.)


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Avertisseur visuel de présence

Visual presence indicator

Ouverture autmomatique des portes

Automatic door opening

Lecteur RFID

RFID reader

Caisson sécurisé

Secure box

Capteurs d'ambiance

Room sensors

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