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It is a fixed device allowing simple and almost transparent interfacing between mobile robots, existing machines (elevators, automatic doors, production machines, etc.) and other equipment in the work environment (conveyors , warning light systems, etc) thus simplifying the implementation of the mobile robotics solution. The development of communication gateways to existing protocols in industries, allows the OmniBox a business-oriented interfacing, dedicated to the control of the fleet of mobile robots. This interfacing is achieved through touch screens, light indicators (up to 6 actuators or light indicators) or sound, camera systems, etc.



Communicates with seemingly incompatible systems


Compact housing

Multiple communication media and protocols

Fleet manager

The fleet manager is an essential element in the operation of a fleet of mobile robots. This equipment allows the centralization of data (mapping, configuration) and the efficient management of robot missions. The Fleet Manager also coordinates the movement and interaction of up to 100 mobile robots in a fleet, to ensure that each robot knows the location and path of any other mobile robots that may affect it. This allows Meanwhile robots to work effectively in close proximity, without risk of collision or interference with the movements and operations of other mobile robots. All the robots therefore evolve in a fluid and intelligent way.

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Managing the missions of your mobile robots



Optimized robot reload levels


Priority management allowing autonomous and intelligent operation

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Elevator Manager

This equipment transforms your elevator into a connected elevator, the mobile robot can thus use it on several floors in complete autonomy. The elevator manager developed by Meanwhile allows the interface between the mobile robot and the elevator. This program communicates directly with the elevator PLC and allows you to override its usual operation. Thus, the manual control is deactivated as soon as a mobile robot takes control.
Beyond the simple control of elevators, the algorithms developed will allow intelligent management of the traffic of mobile robots around the elevator.

Remote luminous verrine

The luminous verrine is connected to the robot (via a specific box) and installed in your establishment. It makes it possible to display colors according to the state of the mobile robot (arrival at destination, in error, etc.) in order to visually warn users.

Gravity conveyor

In order to ensure a solution that is as economical and efficient as possible, it is possible to interface mobile robots with gravity roller conveyors, equipped with the Omnibox.

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