Meanwhile rejoint le club startup de la FIM

Meanwhile joins the Startup club of the Federation of Mechanical Industries (FMI)

The challenge of this club is to connect startups selected by the FIM – Federation of Mechanical Industries. The goal? Help mechanics SMIs and ETIs to boost their search for innovative technological and digital solutions.

To date, around 40 startups have been accepted to join the club. Each of them will have the task of presenting themselves in “video pitch” format in the coming weeks.

Upstream, the FIM and the Technical Center for Mechanical Industries – CETIM will work with these start-ups to better understand their offer, and identify the mechanical sectors that could be particularly interested in their solutions.

The entire Meanwhile team is happy and proud to have been selected for this first promotion 2022 of the startup club, to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the mechanical industry.

What is the FIM?

The Fédération des Industries Mécaniques is one of the most important industrial federations within France Industrie. It interacts at the heart of a rich and varied ecosystem.

The FIM is active at European, national and territorial levels, bringing together all the players in this major industry that is essential to other sectors of the economy. Its ambition is to assure companies that it represents a favorable framework for their growth and competitiveness.

  • It provides operational support to mechanical companies in their development and transformation.
  • It acts to improve the image of the mechanical industries and contribute to the attractiveness of their trades.

As a founding member of the Alliance Industrie du Futur, it promotes a vision of industry that is innovative, responsible, open to the world and constantly evolving. It places people at the center of decisions and at the heart of the factory of the future.

What is the CETIM?

At the crossroads of research and industry, CETIM is the French center of mechanical expertise. An R&D tool for 6,500 mechanical engineering companies, it totals, with its associated centers and subsidiaries, 1,100 people, more than 2/3 of whom are engineers and technicians.

Labeled Institut Carnot, its mission is technology transfer to companies based on professional training, advice and technical assistance. It develops generic products and services and carries out specific R&D actions on all the technologies necessary for the mechanical trades, at the request of representative industrial groups.