Health facilities

In the current context, hospitals must optimize their management to reduce their expenses while guaranteeing quality and safety of care for their patients. The time has come for healthcare establishments to find sources of productivity, security and gains by taking into account support activities in the patient journey and in particular logistics. 


XuP - Med

XuP-Med’s mission is to transport hospital equipment through the various departments. Meanwhile, the medical/paramedical staff can remain physically with the patients and can concentrate on their core business, taking care of them.

XuP - Med L

Dedicated to transporting sample tubes on one level, XuP-Med L very simply consists of a tray that can hold tube racks.

Your challenges

  • Reorganize care
  • Respect budgetary constraints
  • Increasingly large footprints

Our solutions

  • Delivery on demand
  • Improved efficiency of care
  • Improved working conditions
  • Improve the quality of life in the hospital without major modifications to your buildings
  • Traceability and security of the material transported