XuP - Med L

User friendly and autonomous, XuP-Med L is a simplified version of XuP-Med. Dedicated to transporting sample tubes on one level, XuP-Med L very simply consists of a tray that can hold tube racks. These tubs racks are freely accessible and the products transported can be picked up directly by the staff.



Within the same department, XuP-Med L’s mission is to rationalize sample flows by automated dispatching of tubes to the various laboratory teams. The laboratory technician places the samples to be analyzed on the XuP-Med L tray. Then, using the touch interface on the robot, the laboratory technician chooses the delivery destinations. The mobile robot then leaves to carry out its deliveries in complete autonomy. Once at its delivery point, the mobile robot waits for the recipient to collect their samples to be analyzed and resumes its rounds.

Your benefits

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Efficacité des soins

Optimizing your efficiency

The mobile robot delivers samples to be analyzed by the various teams in the laboratory. “Meanwhile…” staff can focus on their core business.


Improved working conditions

By automating transport, XuP-Med L contributes to the reduction of energy-intensive travel for staff while reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Flexibilité et réactivité

Optimization of your flexibility and responsiveness

Intelligent and responsive, XuP-Med L can operate 24/7 and ensure your deliveries on demand.

Logistique intelligente

Smart logistics

XuP-Med L is designed according to a risk analysis carried out in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the ISO 3691-4 standard. He makes his deliveries safely and autonomously in a complex environment (autonomous elevator pick-up, automatic door opening, presence signaling, etc.)


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Application moduleTray for the test tube racksCommunicationWi-Fi/Bluetooth
Autonomy12 hSecurityHorizontal and vertical laser scanners, sonars and emergency stops
Unloaded weight80 kgSpeed max1,80 m/s
Height1 mNavigation typeAutonomous
InterfaceTouchscreenCharging stationYes
Radius of gyration350 mmCertificationCE
Payload270 Standard tubes
Payload270 Standard tubes
Autonomy12 h
Unloaded weight80 kg
Height1 m
Charging stationOui
Application moduleTray for the test tube racks
Radius of gyration350 mm
Navigation typeAutonomous
Speed max1,80 m/s
SecurityHorizontal and vertical laser scanners, sonars and emergency stops


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Ouverture automatique des portes

Automatic door opening

Caisson sécurisé

Secure box

Avertisseur visuel de présence

Visual presence indicator

Lecteur RFID

RFID reader

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