XuP - Med

A user-friendly design, a secure cabinet, XuP-Med is an autonomous mobile robot intended for the transport of medical goods (diagnostics, blood bags, drugs, chemotherapy, etc.) through health establishments (laboratories, hospitals, etc.).

The nursing staff can then refocus on their tasks with the highest added value while XuP-Med takes care of transporting the products from one department to another.



In a CHRU, XuP-Med’s mission is to rationalize the flow of samples by automated distribution of tubes to the specialized sectors and the various laboratory teams. .

After entering an identification code, the laboratory technician places the samples to be analyzed in the XuP-Med cabinet. Via the touch interface present on the mobile robot, the laboratory technician chooses the delivery destinations. Once the doors are closed, XuP-Med leaves to make its deliveries independently. When approaching a delivery point, the mobile robot signals its presence by emitting a sound and switching on the luminous glass of the room concerned. After identifying themselves on the interface, the recipient collects their samples and the mobile robot resumes its rounds.

Your benefits

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Efficacité des soins

Optimization of care efficiency

XuP-Med makes deliveries of medical goods through the various departments of the Hospital. “Meanwhile…”, the staff can remain physically with the patients and concentrate on their core business. Patients are then safer with caregivers always nearby. The quality and accuracy of healthcare delivery is maximized.


Improved working conditions

By automating transport, XuP-Med is helping to reduce healthcare staff travel by approximately 9 km per robot per day. This limitation of energy-intensive travel contributes to the reduction of PSR (Psycho-Social Risks) and musculoskeletal disorders of staff.

Flexibilité et réactivité

Optimization of your flexibility and responsiveness

Intelligent and responsive, XuP-Med can operate 24/7 and ensure your deliveries on demand.

Logistique intelligente

Smart logistics

XuP-Med is designed according to a risk analysis carried out in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the ISO 3691-4 standard. He makes his deliveries in a safe and autonomous way in a complex environment in the presence of stretcher-bearers, patients, children … (Autonomous elevator taking, automatic door opening, presence signaling, etc.)


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XuP-Med détouré
Application moduleSecure cabinet made up of removable traysCommunicationWi-Fi/Bluetooth
Payload40 kgCertificationCE
Autonomy12 hSecurityHorizontal and vertical laser scanners, sonars and emergency stops
Unloaded weight107 kgSpeed max1,80 m/s
Height1,55 mNavigation typeAutonomous
InterfaceTouchscreenCharging stationYes
Radius of gyration350 mm
Payload40 kg
Autonomy12 h
Unloaded weight107 kg
Height1,55 m
Charging stationYes
Application moduleSecure cabinet made up of removable trays
Radius of gyration350 mm
Navigation typeAutonomous
Speed max1,80 m/s
Security Scrutateurs lasers horizontaux et verticaux, Sonars et arrêts d’urgence


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Avertisseur visuel de présence

Visual presence indicator



Lecteur RFID

RFID reader and secure cabinet



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