Les différents interlocuteurs sur le marché de la robotique mobile

The different interlocutors on the mobile robotics market

There is a rapid evolution of autonomous mobile robots (AMR), which are able to navigate and perform other functions autonomously. AMRs can consist of a mobile base, a mobile base with an embedded application module with a personalized user interface and sometimes a mobile base with an embedded robotic arm.

AMRs help a multitude of sectors, such as industry, healthcare establishments and establishments open to the public, to adapt quickly to changing needs. AMRs enable new business models to support flexible production to deliver the right product at the right time to the right place.

These also provide data that can be used to improve the performance of individual processes and to establish an overview of production in real time.

1. The players in autonomous mobile robotics

a- Autonomous mobile base manufacturers

In the autonomous mobile robotics market, there are a large number of navigation autonomous mobile base manufacturers, often called AMR (or AIV). These mobile navigation bases are autonomous in their journey. They use Artificial Intelligence, made up of complex algorithms allowing them both to locate themselves at all times and to dynamically avoid any obstacle that has not been mapped. Thus, mobile bases are the heart of navigation; they evolve in complex environments, in the presence of operators and handling equipment, while ensuring optimal efficiency in their transport.

Example of mobile navigation bases

exemple base mobile de navigation
exemple base mobile de navigation

b- Manufacturers of embedded application modules

In the autonomous mobile robotics market, we identify manufacturers of standard embedded application modules (mobile robotic equipment). These modules are positioned on certain mobile navigation bases in order to meet an application need.

c- Integrators

Manufacturers of autonomous mobile bases also work closely with integrators. These certified system integrators plan, commission and ensure the integration of AMRs – based on the in-depth knowledge of automation, necessary for the implementation of complex systems in large factory layouts, including fleets consisting of a large number of AMRs. The mission of integrators is to integrate and service mobile robots in order to support their customers in their projects.

d- ... And Meanwhile

In partnership with manufacturers of mobile navigation bases, Meanwhile designs, develops and installs autonomous mobile robotic solutions. Meanwhile mobile robotic solutions primarily consist of robots (mobile navigation base + embedded application module). The on-board application modules allow the robot, as a whole, to meet the specific needs of the customer, such as the automatic picking up and depositing of bins, transport of specific bins in a secure cabinet, etc.

At the higher software level we find the fleet manager who coordinates the fleet of robots. It assigns missions to robots according to different algorithms, for example by indicating to such a robot to go and recharge at such and such a charging station. It is he who makes the movement of the robots more fluid, by sharing with each of the robots the positions of his congeners nearby.

The complete solution revolves around Mw², developed by Meanwhile. This middleware is able to communicate with the robots (via the fleet manager if applicable), with the various elements of their work environment (doors, elevators) and with the computerized systems made available. Through its various channels, it is he who holds the logic for generating missions.

Meanwhile une solution clés en main

2. Why is Meanwhile not an actor/integrator like the others?

❖ A core business: Autonomous mobile robotics

Meanwhile is your only point of contact and guarantees you a turnkey solution. Indeed, the company has all the internal resources necessary for the implementation of these solutions.

❖ Support throughout the life cycle of your project

les étapes de l'accompagnement de Meanwhile

We guide you in the expression of your needs and we support you in the implementation of fully adapted personalized solutions in order to transform your production tool and define a sustainable 4.0-oriented trajectory. This support allows you to reduce the impact on production, get the most out of your mobile robots while reducing the total cost of ownership of your solution.

❖ Meanwhile's ability to combine Software and Hardware

At Meanwhile, our main objective is to transform the complex industrial environment into an intelligent industrial environment, meeting our customers’ need for flexibility. We want to allow our customers to integrate our mobile robotic solutions in a simple and economical way, while bringing a dimension of safety, traceability and flexibility to their process. Thanks to the peri-robotic ecosystem developed by Meanwhile, our customers are able to use complex ultra-connected processes in a very intuitive way, thus facilitating their task and increasing their productivity.

The heart of the software developed by Meanwhile is represented by Mw² (for “Meanwhile Middleware”), a middleware that makes it possible to link the world of robotics (with its specific language), peri-robotics (such as fixed workstations by example) and Customer’s existing equipment/software. Mw² concentrates the intelligence of the Meanwhile solution, because it knows when to open a door, send an elevator to a certain floor, generate a mission for a robot when a box is detected, etc.

Learn more about Mw²: https://meanwhile-france.com/mw%c2%b2-le-coeur-des-solutions-robotiques-mobiles-meanwhile/

❖ Transparency on the amount of the investment

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