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Autonomous mobile robots: 4 good reasons to choose a turnkey solution

A turnkey project allows a company to purchase a complete, ready-to-use product. For example, an industrialist may need to acquire a fleet of turnkey mobile robots, i.e. ready to start production, instead of having to design it, equip it, ensure commissioning, recruiting and training staff, etc.

To implement autonomous mobile robots intended for the transfer of goods through your infrastructure, two options are available to you:

  • Go through several interlocutors to acquire your solution.
  • Choose a turnkey solution provider.

But when it comes to rethinking all of your logistics flows, we are convinced that a turnkey solution is the right answer. Let us tell you why.

1- A single point of contact to support you as closely as possible to your needs

Thanks to our internal expertise in robotics, IT, mechanics, electronics, project management, we support you throughout the life cycle of your solution. We guide you in the expression of your needs and we support you in the implementation of fully adapted personalized solutions in order to transform your production tool and define a sustainable 4.0-oriented trajectory.

This support allows you to reduce the impact on production, get the most out of your mobile robots while reducing the total cost of ownership of your solution.

Your advantage? A single point of contact a shortened distribution channel greater responsiveness from your partner a privileged partner relationship reduced costs greater flexibility thanks to a personalized solution according to your needs.

2- Transfer of risks

A turnkey project greatly simplifies things for the customer who buys it, since he does not have to take care of a set of activities that are outside his core business. It is also a transfer of risks between the buyer of the project and the contractor who becomes responsible for the success of the project in terms of quality, cost and time vis-à-vis his client.

3- An up-to-date solution, never obsolete

The Meanwhile turnkey solution integrates support and maintenance of the installed solution. This makes it possible to guarantee the control of operating costs and the maintenance of the performance of the system put in place.

Meanwhile mobile robotic solutions are never obsolete because we ensure the update of the solution and the necessary evolutions during the duration of the contract.

  • A solution adaptable to the demand for robotic labor: Any new robot introduced in the customer installation has the ability to integrate its environment as well as all the other robots. Thanks to the fleet manager, when a new robot is introduced into the environment, it only takes a few minutes for it to join its fleet.
  • Adaptable to production needs: Autonomous mobile robots adapt very easily to agile production systems on sites of all sizes. If production cells are moved or new cells or processes are added, a new building plan can be easily and quickly transferred.
  • Adaptability of the robot’s mission assignment strategy: Depending on the need, autonomous mobile robots can choose the way they will execute their mission (The First in first out (Fifo) strategy / or the Non FiFo strategy. )

By updating Meanwhile software, the company is committed to continuously optimizing your solution.

4- A complete and smart solution

At Meanwhile, our main objective is to transform the complex industrial environment into an intelligent industrial environment, meeting our customers’ need for flexibility. We want to allow our customers to integrate our mobile robotic solutions in a simple and economical way, while bringing a dimension of safety, traceability and flexibility to their process. Thanks to the peri-robotic ecosystem developed by Meanwhile, our customers are able to use complex ultra-connected processes in a very intuitive way, thus facilitating their task and increasing their productivity.

The heart of the software developed by Meanwhile is represented by Mw² (for “Meanwhile Middleware”), a middleware that makes it possible to link the world of robotics (with its specific language), peri-robotics (such as fixed workstations by example) and Customer’s existing equipment/software.

Mw² concentrates the intelligence of the Meanwhile solution, it recovers all the application data in real time and creates the missions accordingly, processes the faults and alarms reported, logs the information… Mw² gives access to a large number of parameters necessary for the project, in particular those for managing priorities, thus making it possible to modify the prioritization strategies.

Thanks to its web interface – mw²web – you will be able to maximize your flow management by allowing employees to easily access, in real time, information on the status of deliveries of autonomous mobile robots.

As a result, you will be able to optimize your flows, improve operational efficiency, increase your productivity, improve the customer experience and ultimately increase your profits.

Need more reasons? Need to discuss the specifics of your project? Contact us!