Meanwhile Laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre (Entrepreneur Network)

Meanwhile is proud to have won the title of laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre. Following a rich journey of meetings and exchanges with business leaders, we come out stronger to continue the Meanwhile adventure.

What is the Réseau Entreprendre ?

Réseau Entreprendre aims to create SMEs and ETIs in the territories, Network of volunteer business leaders, Réseau Entreprendre supports entrepreneurs with potential for job creation to help them succeed in their creation, takeover or growth of business. Indeed, Réseau Entreprendre has thousands of success stories (Michel & Augustin, Envie de Fraise, 727Sailsbag, Guest to Guest, Sushi Daily, Géolid, My Little Paris, Good Goût, Mano Mano, OoGarden, etc.).

Why did Meanwhile join Réseau Entreprendre?

In line with our values, we are proud to be accompanied by experienced people for the development of our company. It is therefore very interesting for us to be surrounded by business leaders who advise, prevent and support us in our entrepreneurial journey.