Cooperation between CTS gmbh & and Meanwhile on AIV Market

We are proud to announce that the companies cts GmbH ( ) and Meanwhile France start a close cooperation on the AIV (Autnomous Intelligent Vehicles) sector.

Both companies have years of experience in this technology and have the biggest market share in their respective areas.

With the combination of these two strong players their common customers have now the ability to choose from a bigger product portfolio as well as local service improvements.

Due to the close cooperation in development also, cts and Meanwhile are able to provide a broader spectrum of AIV-products (Hard- and Software) faster to the market than their competitors.

As the products of cts are mainly focused on the automotive and electronics industry, Meanwhile has strong products in food & beverage and life science industry. All industries will gain now of the sharing and combining of these different technologies and methodic.

“We are really happy about this cooperation with Meanwhile, we got a trustful partner. Together we will strengthen our common market position and bring even more high quality products to our customers all over the world” says Dr. Walter Roith, CEO at cts.

“I am proud to have found such a strong and experienced partner like cts, together we benefit from each other and can satisfy our customers even more” says Sacha Stojanovic, CEO at Meanwhile.