Evy-Box’s mission is to deliver bins that can weigh up to 175 kg between several storage spaces and/or production lines. Autonomous in its course and equipped with a raising and lowering system, the Mobile Robot will load and unload automatically on passive fork racks.



Applications Evy-Box

Evy-Box ensures the automatic and autonomous routing of parts containers within the building. The operator stations are equipped with passive racks for storing empty or full boxes. All of the production scheduling is managed by a stacker crane.
The transport orders for full or empty bins are communicated to the fleet manager, the mobile robots are then responsible for transferring
the bins from fixed position to fixed position, according to the defined schedule.
Evy-Box handles the trays by 1 or by 2 (within the limit of a total size of 800×600 mm).

Your benefits

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Capacité de transport

Optimization of your transport capacity

Evy-Box is able to transport loads of 175 kg by storing up to two Euro-norm bins of 600 x 400 mm next to each other.

Conditions de travail

Improved working conditions

By optimizing the transport of heavy loads, Evy-Box helps reduce musculoskeletal disorders. The mobile robot relieves employees of energy-intensive travel, so they can focus on tasks with higher added value.

Amélioration productivité

Improved productivity

Responsive and intelligent, Evy-Box is able to operate 24/7. You gain in competitiveness and optimize your production by improving your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Logistique intelligente

Smart logistics

Endowed with a collective intelligence, Evy-Box works in collaboration with other mobile robots in the same environment. They automatically exchange information with each other on the environment and the status of current orders.


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Evy Box
Payload175 kgRadius of gyration500 mm
Autonomy10 hCommunicationWi-Fi / Bluetooth
Unloaded weight250 kgNavigation typeAutonomous
Height1,50 mSpeed max1,2 m/s
Charging stationYesSecurityHorizontal and vertical laser scanners, sonars and emergency stops
Application moduleTray on rise and fallCertificationCE
Payload175 kg
Autonomy10 h
Unloaded weight250 kg
Height1,50 m
Charging stationYes
Application moduleTray on rise and fall
Radius of gyration500 mm
Radius of gyrationAutonomous
Speed max1,2 m/s
SecurityHorizontal and vertical laser scanners, sonars and emergency stops


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Lecteur RFID

RFID reader

Ouverture automatique des portes

Automatic door opening

Avertisseur visuel de présence

Visual presence indicator


Acuity: Dynamic Environment Localization

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