Establishments open to the public

In addition to optimizing their management to reduce expenses, establishments open to the public are constantly looking for improvement and innovation to stand out.


XuP - Host

Autonomous, intelligent and plug and play, XuP-Host is a multi-use mobile robotic solution. On the one hand, it helps to assist staff in their support activities. With for example the transport of luggage, the transport of linen, the transport of mail, assistance with surveillance… And on the other hand to improve the customer experience in a global way. Especially with the petit fours service, room service…

XuP - Steri A

XuP-Steri A is dedicated to air disinfection and purification. Thanks to the coupling of photocatalysis and UV-C disinfection.

The mobile robot destroys pathogens, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), viruses, bacteria, odours, etc.

Your challenges

  • Maintain a high level of customer attractiveness
  • Sanitize the environment of your infrastructures
  • Improve working conditions

Our solutions

  • Fight infectious diseases the non-chemical way
  • Get the “wow” effect that will transform your customer experience
  • Relieve employees of energy-intensive travel
  • Assist your employees with support functions
  • Gain flexibility and efficiency