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Nantes University Hospital

Since March 2021, two XuP-Med have been traveling the corridors of the Nantes University Hospital to deliver endoscopes. The mobile robots transport, 100% autonomously, their precious cargo between the Soft Endoscope Treatment Center and 4 other departments:

  • Operating theaters
  • The interventional technical platform
  • The endoscopy department
  • Medical resuscitation

Capable of opening doors and taking the elevator, our robots help relieve medical staff, but also optimize the time and productivity of services.

Discover testimonials from:

Lepelletier Didier, head of department – Hospital Hygiene ; Tony Perlemoine, Logistics Project Manager ; Isabelle Moreau, Health Manager – Hospital Hygiene Soft Endoscope Treatment Center; Pascale, nurse’s aide at the Soft Endoscope Treatment Center.

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JTEKT Automotive Dijon Saint-Etienne

Since November 2018 and August 2020, two XuP-Lifts have been roaming the aisles of the JTEKT JADS factory, part of the JTEKT European Operations group, an automotive supplier specializing in power steering and bearings. The goal? Automate the delivery of packages and materials between the company store and various assembly, machining or workshop lines. 

The mobile robots circulate, 100% autonomously, among the personnel of the factory and between the handling machines. They thus allow staff to avoid energy-intensive travel and the carrying of heavy loads, but also to save time and increase fluidity. 

Discover in this video the testimony of Nicolas Michelin, Logistics Engineering Manager at JTEKT Automotive Dijon Saint-Etienne.

Nancy University Hospital

Since June 2019, a Xup-Med has been navigating the corridors of the Hospital Center with the aim of delivering blood samples and prescription vouchers every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The goal? Optimize the management of biological samples from the RTE* to the 6 specialized sectors and the general secretariat.

*The RTE (Tri-Registration Reception) is the entry area for samples at the laboratory centre.

The result ?

  • A robot that travels more than 1,000 km/year;
  • 1,200 stops, 150 rounds and 350 reports transported per week;
  • An automated, reliable solution that requires little handling.

Discover testimonials from:

Delphine Gerard, Biologist in charge of the RTE service; Sylvain Henry, Laboratory Department Hospital Engineer & Yann, Laboratory Technician.

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STMicroelectronics France

Since May 2021, 5 XuP-Semi have been roaming the aisles of the STMicroelectronics France factory in Crolles.

The Meanwhile autonomous mobile robotics solution has replaced a fleet of old AGVs, with the aim of transporting foups (Front Opening Unified Pods) containing production batches.

The goal? Make the link between the main transport system of the factory and an area not served by this system.

Robots thus make it possible to automate this transport by gaining in efficiency, while allowing employees to refocus on tasks with higher added value.

Discover in this video the testimony of Martin Wierre, Industrial Methods & Operations Services | Senior project leader in Crolles at STMicroelectronics France.

[Vidéo datant de 2021]

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