Enable collaborative interoperability of your existing systems and the Meanwhile solution.


Meanwhile​ middleware

Meanwhile middleware is a management application, assimilated to an MCS and hosted by the customer (support to be defined during the study phase, for example the customer’s virtual machine). It is developed by Meanwhile, specifically for the needs of the project. Mw² makes it possible to make the link between the world of robotics (with its specific language), peri-robotics (such as fixed stations or an elevator for example) and the customer’s existing equipment / software. The Mw² application also makes it possible to retrieve the status of all project equipment, including mobile robots. It thus processes the faults and alarms reported. In addition, the management application provides access to a large number of parameters necessary for the project. In particular those for the management of priorities, thus making it possible to modify the prioritization strategies for example.



Simplified management of your mobile robotic application


Collaborative interoperability


Custom Fit

Customize your app with...


Data analysis is a key factor for operation and optimization, especially in Industry 4.0 environments. OmniReport is a data analytics platform that allows customers to optimize its performance. But also to view the status and statistics of their fleet of Meanwhile mobile robots.
OmniReport is configured according to the client’s needs. With always-on connectivity, customers can perform real-time performance analysis. But also interactively analyze and resolve process challenges.

Monitoring app

In order to facilitate the interaction between mobile robots and logisticians, Meanwhile offers supervision tablets. The 12” industrial tablets are shock resistant and designed for intensive use. They will allow you to create missions manually, visualize in real time the status of the robots and the performance of the fleet. Each tablet is transportable and connects to the application via the User’s WiFi network. It ensures rigorous monitoring of the application.
On the other hand, the Mobile Robot Programming software is accessible from this tablet. So that logistics managers can adjust the behavior of mobile robots according to their needs.

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