How does Meanwhile support you throughout the life cycle of your autonomous mobile robotic solutions?

Automating intralogistics tasks not only achieves higher yields and increases overall productivity, but also frees staff from energy-intensive travel and load-carrying so that they can concentrate on tasks with more high added value. Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are the cornerstone of available automation technologies. They are the ideal solution to contribute to the optimization of manufacturing processes based on a LEAN strategy, throughout the product journey.

Thanks to this resilience, AMRs will allow you to avoid costly modifications to your infrastructures as well as downtimes when you have to rearrange your sites.

To succeed in reorganizing your operational processes at a lower cost, while optimizing your efficiency and competitiveness, it is essential to benefit from the tailor-made support of a professional in autonomous mobile robotics.

“It is when two forces are joined that their effectiveness is doubled. -Issac Newton

It is in this spirit that we support you in the implementation of mobile robotic solutions. We guide you in the expression of your needs and we support you in the implementation of fully adapted personalized solutions in order to transform your production tool and define a sustainable 4.0-oriented trajectory.

Step 1: Preliminary draft

Our team is there to guide you on the expression of your needs in order to determine the most suitable solution and advise you on the various appropriate technical choices.

The customer journey in the pre-project phase is as follows:


Step 2: Studies and development

Once all the elements of the Pre-Project phase have been gathered, we move on to the study and design of the mobile robot that best suits your needs. This step is validated with the customer by the Design Review. This makes it possible to validate the good adequacy of the robot with its project.

Next, Meanwhile develops and assembles all the elements of the application (robot, accessories and peri-robotics). Throughout this stage, unit tests are carried out and it ends with a pre-acceptance of the entire application by the client, before delivery to its site.

Step 3: Installation and commissioning of your solution

Our experts are responsible for deploying the solution on your site. We start the application on your site, we map the places and configure the installed elements.

Commissioning steps:

  • Installation, commissioning of the fleet of mobile robots
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Connectivity to the MES/ERP of your infrastructure
  • Installation, commissioning of the peri-robotics ecosystem: Human-Machine Interface, Supervision, Fleet Manager, Omnibox, Omnireport.

Step 4: Training your employees in the use of mobile robots and peri-robotic tools

Meanwhile offers you to train your teams in the use of its mobile robotic solutions. These trainings aim to make you gain in autonomy, productivity and will allow you to use your mobile robots in an optimal way.

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Step 5: After-sales service

We provide support and maintenance for your solutions. The maintenance contract is customizable with an adjustable duration in order to guarantee the control of operating costs and the maintenance of the performance of the system in place. Its subscription also allows you to benefit from on-site intervention responsiveness and preferential rates on corrective interventions and spare parts.

The Meanwhile maintenance contract includes:

  • Hotline, office hours, within the limit of 50 hours/year, with remote handling (if possible and necessary)
  • One preventive visit per year, with replacement of wear parts if necessary
  • A change of the battery of each robot, for any contract renewed for 5 years without interruption


Thanks to the software developed by Meanwhile, our customers are able to analyze their data. This is a key factor for operation and optimization, especially in Industry 4.0 environments. OmniReport is a data analysis platform that allows you to visualize the status, as well as the statistics, of their fleet of Meanwhile mobile robots.

Meanwhile attaches great importance to supporting its customers throughout the life cycle of mobile robotic solutions. Indeed, this support allows you to reduce the impact on production, get the most out of your mobile robots while reducing the total cost of ownership of your solution.