XuP - Mob

User friendly and economical, XuP-Mob is a simplified version of XuP-Lift. Autonomous and collaborative, XuP-Mob is equipped with a roller conveyor allowing it to transport bins between several storage spaces and/or production lines.



Applications XuP-Mob

In an industrial warehouse, XuP-Mob transports parts from one workstation to another.
Operators control the robot to deliver manufactured products. Alerted by the delivery, XuP-Mob comes to load the box to be delivered thanks to its roller conveyor system. XuP-Mob leaves to make its delivery in complete autonomy, signaling itself with its horn. Once at its delivery point, the mobile robot unloads the crate on the dedicated storage space and sets off on its mission.

Your benefits

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Petits budgets

Suitable for small budgets

This simplified version of its big brother XuP-lift allows it to adapt to the restricted budget of certain SMEs. XuP-Mob transports parts independently from one station to another. All while loading and unloading thanks to its roller conveyor.

Conditions de travail

Improved working conditions

With XuP-Mob, musculoskeletal disorders are significantly reduced. The mobile robot relieves the employees of the transport of loads and energy-intensive movements. They can then focus on tasks with high added value.

Flexibilité et réactivité

Improved productivity

Responsive and intelligent, XuP-Mob is able to operate 24/7. You gain in competitiveness and optimize your production by improving your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


Smart logistics

Without modifying the existing infrastructure and in complete autonomy, XuP-Mob makes its deliveries safely in a complex industrial environment. That is to say in an environment that brings together employees, workstations, machines and vehicles.


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Charge utile35 kgRayon de giration350 mm
Autonomie12 hCommunicationWi-Fi / Bluetooth
Poids à vide100 kgType de navigationAutonome
Hauteur1,40 mVitesse max1,35 m/s
Station de rechargeOuiSécuritéScrutateurs lasers horizontaux et verticaux, sonars et arrêts d'urgence
Module applicatifConvoyeur à rouleaux pour caisse de 600 x 400 mmCertificationCE
InterfaceÉcran tactile
Charge utile35 kg
Autonomie12 h
Poids à vide100 kg
Hauteur1,40 m
Station de rechargeOui
Module applicatifConvoyeur à rouleaux pour caisse de 600 x 400 mm
InterfaceÉcran tactile
Rayon de giration350 mm
Type de navigationAutonome
Vitesse max1,35 m/s
Sécurité Scrutateurs lasers horizontaux et verticaux, Sonars et arrêts d’urgence


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Convoyeur Bi-zone à rouleaux

Bi-zone roller conveyor

Ouverture automatique des portes

Automatic door opening

Avertisseur visuel de présence

Visual presence indicator

Lecteur RFID

RFID reader

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