Meanwhile sees its robot orders take off

After five years of R&D, the Villeurbanne specialist in collaborative robotics Meanwhile has entered a very active marketing phase. Orders are pouring in for its mobile robots used by manufacturers to transport parts and loads, and by healthcare establishments to transport medical goods (diagnostics, blood bags, medicines, etc.) 

« We signed a very large order this summer which alone represents the equivalent of our 2021 turnover », enthuses Sacha Stojanovic. The founder of the company, who wants to remain discreet, simply specifies that the client is a CAC 40 company and that the entire order will represent « the largest fleet of mobile robots in France, with several dozen units on same site ».

By the end of 2023, Meanwhile hopes to have installed and taken orders around a hundred robots since its creation. By then, the company, based on the La Doua campus,
should have doubled in size.