Do you want to prevent the risk of contamination in your workspaces?

The current health crisis is forcing all organizations to put in place strategies to guarantee the continuity of their activity. Fighting the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid19 has become one of the top priorities for establishments open to the public and businesses.

In order to deal with these new problems, many solutions on the market offer surface disinfection, either by spraying chemicals, or by exposing them directly to UV-C radiation. These two methods are of great interest, but also raise many issues of personal safety and environmental protection:

  • Chemical solutions have a harmful effect on the environment (release of chemical substances in effluents) but also on health. It is recommended to avoid using vaporizers or sprayers in order to limit the formation of aerosols of disinfectant products that can be inhaled and thus irritate the respiratory tract.
  • Direct exposure to UV-C radiation is very effective for surface disinfection but presents a significant hazard in the event of skin and eye exposure. Solutions using UV-C rays must be able to operate completely autonomously, without human intervention, and must be intelligent enough to, on the one hand, reach all the areas to be disinfected in order to avoid the shadow areas that have a barrier effect to UV-C rays and on the other hand, not to activate their UV-C lamps when there is a risk of human exposure.

It is in a logic of social responsibility that Meanwhile mobilizes its know-how to offer you mobile robotic solutions for alternative, non-chemical disinfection. In addition to the XuP-Steri S, Meanwhile is developing a mobile robotic disinfection solution that can be used by a large number of establishments open to the public continuously, without danger to the environment and to health.

XuP-Steri A, an Autonomous Mobile Cobot for disinfection and air purification

Thanks to the coupling of photocatalysis and UV-C disinfection, XuP-Steri A destroys pathogens, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), viruses, bacteria, odours, etc. This Mobile Cobot thus makes it possible to limit the spread of diseases infectious both in spaces with large volumes (industrial hall, laboratory hall, shopping centers, etc.) and small volumes (waiting room, cinemas, sports hall, etc.)

XuP-Steri A is an Intelligent and Safe Autonomous Mobile Cobot. The cobot is equipped with Artificial Intelligence, in particular SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithms allowing it both to locate itself at any time and to dynamically avoid any obstacle that has not been mapped. Thanks to its design and its numerous safety sensors, XuP-Steri A is CE certified, complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the standard ISO 3691-4. Indeed, the cobot is able to navigate in complex environments, in the presence of the general public while ensuring optimal disinfection efficiency.

XuP-Steri A thus effectively limits the spread of infectious diseases while being part of a logic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Indeed, its disinfection technology does not use any chemicals and thus limits their use. On the other hand, by avoiding any direct exposure to UV-C light, XuP Steri A is able to disinfect the air of establishments in complete autonomy 24/7 around vulnerable populations.

In summary, what are the advantages of using XuP-Steri A?

  • Eco-responsible solution: XuP-Steri A disinfects and purifies the air while following the logic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Indeed, the cobot does not release any by-products harmful to health and the environment, so it can be used continuously with vulnerable populations.
  • Reassures users and your employees: XuP-Steri A limits the risk of airborne contamination, with a 99% destruction rate of micro-organisms.
  • Optimized disinfection: A fleet of XuP-Steri A allows you to optimize the efficiency of air disinfection. Thanks to this fleet, you increase the volume of air treated while maximizing the availability of the cobots, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Safe solution: Designed according to a risk analysis carried out in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the ISO 3691-4 standard, XuP-Steri A is able to move, in complete autonomy, in a safe manner in a environment open to the general public.